“Darling, I think I’m having my contractions.” As she began leaning over holding her back and breathing heavily. Cher and I started preparing our things to leave for the hospital.

After sixteen hours of painful contractions where Cher wasn’t able to speak or even move, her water broke while waiting in the hospital. Not being able to find a position that relieved the pain she laid there with deep sighs and inner agony.  After her water broke the doctor started doing regular checks to see if her cervix was dilating properly for the baby to come out naturally. For some reason she was having problems dilating to the full diameter needed to push the child out. She needed to reach 10cm and was stuck at 9cm for over 2 1/2 hours. The doctors told us that usually when it reaches 9cm its only 15-20 minutes before it opens to 10cm. As I watched the doctors coming in and out I could see the nervous and confused looks on their faces as to what might be the problem. I was beginning to feel a bit panicked myself.

I stepped out of the room for a moment to be with my parents in the waiting room, but there in the hall was my mother and a dear friend of ours.  “Tom, are you ok?” My mother asked.  With tears in my eyes I was frightened at the possibility of anything bad happening to Cher or the baby.  My mother grabbed my hands and said, “Son, do you want me to pray with you?”  With desperate hope for progress in the delivery, or a  miracle, I said, “I would love that.” In the midst of all the medical staff and other patients family members walking around the hallway, the three of us stood there holding hands and praying for Cher and the baby.

My mom supporting me as I support Cher

Shortly after the doctor came out and said they had completed the dosage of medicine to relieve some of the pain Cher was having and that we could go back in. As I walked in, her beautiful face, which use to be in so much pain and agony, looked peaceful and relieved with her tender smile. The next few hours we enjoyed laughter together while I massaged Cher’s hands and feet.

Well, those moments of peace were soon over when once again the doctor continued checking for progress in the dilation, but still with no change. They began hinting at the possibility of a C-section. As a last attempt our nurse Melissa said, “Why don’t we try some different music?”  For the past 10 hours I had been playing meditation music on a random playlist on Pandora.

In response I said, “That’s a great idea. In fact, Cher always said throughout her pregnancy that she felt our son was a Beatles baby and would love listening to the Beatles with him in her belly.”
About that time our friend Daisy shouted, “Oooh! Put on the Beatles song, Here Comes the Sun!”  I turned to her in disbelief and said, “Well, unfortunately it’s Pandora so there’s no guarantee that even the Beatles will come on, let alone that exact song.”

The song that brought our son into this World "Here Comes the Son"

As I put on the Beatles station, we waited in the brief silence…and then the first miracle happened, wouldn’t you know it, HERE COMES THE SUN was the first song to play!

We all started dancing and shouting with happiness and then noticed Cher was still in pain so we were back to supporting her.  Then right at the exact time the song came to the last few notes, the doctor, continuing to examine Cher’s progress, said to everyone, “OK, were dilated to a 10! Let’s start pushing!”

Finally, it was time…”Here Comes our Son!”  Or so we thought…

Just as we thought once she reached 10cm that we were nearing the end and the baby would be out very soon and Cher’s pain would soon be over it was just the beginning of yet another challenge. Cher went on to push for 3 straight hours. It wasn’t going to be easy.  At one point they were concerned her pelvis may not be big enough to push his head out.  Her face turning deep purple, her fists would slowly raise with a shaking might towards the sky. The babies heart rate was raising to a point that needed to be carefully monitored. With only about 30 sec  to 1 min between pushes she was exhausted, and yet still found more energy from some deeper place to keep pushing. After constant encouragement from her support team and a power that I could never relay in words, Cher birthed our son into this world. Out he came as I was ready to cut the cord and see him for the first time.

There’s isn’t a feeling like that in this world to see a new life being born. The creation of humanity, the beginning of a new World. Watching him take his first true breath from his own lungs after cutting the cord that he had breathed with Cher for over 9 months.

As some time passed I rushed out to the waiting room to get my father…after so many unexpected challenges he wasn’t sure what I was going to say when I came out, but as I turned the corner to tell him I was a father, I looked at him and in that single moment I realized the miracle he went through the day I was born.  I then practically fell into his arms and began crying with uncontrollable joy, and said, “Dad, I’m a dad! I’m a DAD!” We held each other for at least 5 minutes. (the picture below was taken unknowingly as we held each other)

The moment I told my Father I was a Dad

And so a new life begins and an old life ends. So is true with the nature of life. Whether it be bringing a child into this world, quitting a job and beginning a whole new path of work, moving to a new city or country, ending or beginning a new relationship.

Just when you feel that nothing is changing, that everything seems mundane or not growing, a new life comes, but not without some ups and downs. Whatever challenges your currently going through in your life, no matter how big or small, these are the blessings that are preparing you for the new life that is awaiting your arrival.  So instead of hanging your head and getting disheartened or hopeless, remind yourself that this challenge your going through is preparing you for a new bright beginning.

To birth a new beginning we often times need to overcome waves and waves of challenges just as what Cher and I needed to experience to bring our baby into the World.

We can’t always see what’s around the curve as we are driving, nor can we see what’s ahead as we are in a job, relationship or life struggle that doesn’t seem to have any hope that something will change for the better.  Your challenges are actually disguised blessings.

Just like the butterfly that goes through a series of transformations to reach its true beauty, so is true for your life that everything you are going through is preparing you for a new road ahead…

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