There’s something you’ve been telling yourself you’re going to do to be more fully You, but you haven’t done it yet. How come? 

Many of us have thoughts that want to make a bigger contribution towards our community and therefore humanity. 

Has this voice been whispering for you to start acting, do more yoga, singing publicly, dancing, starting a youtube video log, public speaking or something else that you know will lead to you being more present and powerful in your daily life?

Maybe for you that voice isn’t whispering any more, maybe its shouting!

No matter how long you remain in this stuck place, this voice keeps getting louder and louder until eventually the consequences start getting more intense. For some it may be a major change in a relationship or career for better or worse…but if we hold on for too long, it can eventually find it’s way into our bodies with some form of disease.  

You came to this life to grow and its that voice within you that is your compass to navigate the best direction to develop your trust and personal growth.  If you turn a deaf ear to it you might notice your life getting harder and harder and feeling like you just can’t catch a break.  YOU CAN CATCH A BREAK! Your break is in the gift that this voice is offering.

Let’s take a deeper look at this for a moment…

As a child, you, at one point experienced the feeling of being hurt, teased or judged by others. Whether its from another child or adults. When a child experiences some deep pain or trauma, which can come by being made fun of, laughed at or simply name called, apart of that child’s brain development slows down or can completely stop growing, depending on the degree of how the trauma was received by your inner life, and this can go on even into your adult life.  There are many studies of brain development for children that show precisely what age range we go through different stages such as narcissism, attachment to parents, behavior changes, etc.  

The truth is this doesn’t only happen as a child, but even now as adults our brain is still developing into our last days of life.  So when we are going through a stage of developing narcissism, which is a natural and healthy expression at a certain age, and we get traumatized severely during this time, the development of narcissism may not complete and therefore we can become as adults highly unconsciously narcissistic. 

When we stop and really pause to be with the part of us that ignores our callings, we will soon learn that there might just be some part of us that is deep down feeling isolated and alone and needs our care and attention. It needs us to be present with it as it shares with us why it is afraid.  This process of truly being with our inner self is not only for a new momentum to step into our calling, but also the necessary forgiveness and healing from a part of your past that you may not have even known was afraid or wounded from something that happened many years ago.

We ignore that voice mainly because were afraid of what others will think.  What if I mess up? What if no one likes what I have to offer? What if…what if…The bottom line fear is, “What if I get hurt again.” 

You’re never going to please everyone and quite possibly there will always be someone that will judge or point out how you could have done it better, sometimes in a very opinionated way.

Its Not About What They Think!

Your life is too precious. You’re life is too short and what you have to offer, no matter how big or small it seems to you, is vitally important for everyone on the planet. Even for the people that judge your decisions.

The world needs your light. You need your light.

Its time to DO IT! Listen to that voice, that calling that has been tugging on your sleeve for far too long and begin your next calling today! Join the acting class, ask if you can sing in front of a group (even if its just a group of your friends), find a place that you can deliver a public speech to. You’re never going to learn and grow if you don’t put the first foot forward in the path toward your greatness!

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