I often write my blogs when a client I’m working with asks a question or something happens within a session that makes me think about a particular subject in a deeper way.  Recently I was meeting with a client and he asked me, “What do you think it means to be a man?”   Rather than just blurting out what my mind thought a man was I decided to close my eyes, take  a few deep breaths and listen to what it really means to be a man in the 21st century.

Growing up I always thought being a man meant you needed to be rough and tough like John Wayne “The Duke” or the famous animated character “He-man” who was a strong and muscular representation of the “ideal” man.

As I thought about what it meant to be a man I suddenly became inspired to write a list of ideas of what it means to be an Evolved Man in the 21st century.  Throughout this blog instead of referring to men as “He-man” I will call him “E-Man“,  standing for an “Evolved Man” or “Enlightened Man”.

Being an E-Man in the 21st century requires guts.  It demands courage, strength, and faith.  Today’s generation of men face a new way of expressing manliness in the world. A way where compassion, service, and love is the leading-edge of being in the World. Whereas 20-30 years ago  men were conditioned to not show their emotions and encouraged to be “the man of the house”. Where as today, times are changing and being a powerful and confident man looks and acts shockingly different in today’s society. To all my E-Men brothers, here’s a boost to be the “REAL” You!

What it means to be a man:

Integrity: Having integrity means you honor your word and your commitments. How many times did someone give you their business card or they email you and you “forget” to call them or email them back?  Being an Evolved Man means your word is more valuable than anything else.  People can trust in you because of your commitment and your consistency in being there when you say you will or calling them when you say you will.  Integrity is not an act in life,  it is a way of life.  The world needs more E-Men who are willing to stand by their word and honor their commitments.

Being of Service: In today’s world there are more and more people who are impoverished mentally, physically, and spiritually.  Being and E-Man means you are willing to put others before yourself and look for ways on a daily basis in which you can be of service to others.  What separates an E-Man from people who call themselves men is the fact that they are self-motivated to create happiness and joy in the lives of others and not self-centered only in thinking about how they will grow and succeed.  In today’s world we are learning that it’s not only possible, but necessary for E-Men to be successful in their personal goals and career well as the goals of others around him.  It’s time to lay down the “I need to get mine” mentality and look for ways to share our time and talents for the happiness and comfort of those around us.

Emotional: In order to be an E-Man it means you are willing to show your true feelings with others.  In doing this you are creating a new level of honesty, authenticity, and power for the next generation of E-Men.  In the John Wayne era we were taught to bite our feelings, stuff them down, and get over it.  Those days are over.  Holding our emotions in only creates resistance in the flow of our energy which causes a lack of flow in our creativity, abundance, and drive for life. This way of the ego has met its last day for those ready to embark on a powerful journey of being a real man. It’s time for E-Men to be willing to show his sensitivity, passion, and true feelings in front of others. Even when we wouldn’t expect it to happen!  There is tremendous power in revealing your true emotions.  Doors are opened to create a greater connection and a feeling of true community within humanity.

Visionary: Are you daring to dream where no man has ever dreamed before? Are you holding a possibility for humanity to move beyond fear and into a greater possibility?  Being an E-Man means you are  fearless to dream and go after your dreams and not let the world around you constraint your imagination in living from your inspired genius. The world is only growing smaller and the E-Man carries a vision that is so unique and inspiring that he is willing to face the criticism and doubt of others and keep moving forward in his belief in its being a reality.

Faith: Let go of the idea that you are in control of everything that happens in your life and Trust in the Love of God to be your guiding compass in this World.  The E-Man is a walking modern mystic in today’s World by continuing to use his mind and intellect to believe and keep moving forward, yet realizing that there is a power greater than he moving through him bringing his vision and the world together through him in a powerful way.  The E-Man is consistent with his daily spiritual practice. He does not let anything remove him from his daily spiritual practice which keeps his heart open and the possibility of being a conduit for powerful change to occur through him.  He continues to seek growth and recognizes his areas of improvement without carrying guilt about it or he is committed to removing the guilt through his spiritual practice. The E-Man understands that he is merely passing through this world using a temporary body to create a deeper expression of God on this planet through Unconditional Love.

Sense of Humor: One of the biggest differences in what it means to be a man in today’s times verses in the John Wayne era is having a lightness about you and being able to laugh and make others laugh around you.  Through laughter the E-Man shows his confidence in life and his ability to Trust and go with the flow.  When you find yourself heavy and serious you have lost touch with your true self.  Create a way each day to laugh and make others laugh which expands a lightness for those around you.

It’s a big role to be an E-Man in today’s times.  We need more men that are willing to step up and not worry about what others think of them and confidently spark a new era of what it means to be a man.  I am incredibly grateful to my client who gave me the inspiration to think of this and give me the food for thought to continue to grow into a man in the 21st century Enlightened Man.  This is only a foundation of being an E-Man. There are many more ways to add onto what it means to be a man in today’s world.

I send my blessings to all my E-brothers and E-sisters who are passionately living out their dream to make this world a greater expression of Love.

If you are ready to take your Life to the next level and create the passion needed to walk your talk in the world, send me an email with a brief statement about yourself and why your ready to make the change.

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