Death Doula

What is a Death Doula? 

The work of a death doula is primarily about presence. We were not alone when we came into this world and we are not meant to be alone when we go out.  The work of a death doula is about building a bond between someone who is facing the reality of the end of their life. Whether the end is moments, days, months, or years away.  

“Near the time of transition, you see awakenings, forgiveness; you see new bonds made and old wounds healed, which I believe send the dying on their final transition peacefully and bring new opportunities for the people who remain.”

A Growing Movement Of ‘Death Doulas’ Is Rethinking How We Die

“All I can tell you is that from where I have sat with many, there has been a calmness and a sense that I want to be nowhere else but by that person’s side.”

Tom has a true gift in being with individuals who are faced with the end of their life.  For over decade he has been serving in hospice, senior care communities, and individuals homes.  He has an ability to make people feel comfortable like they’ve known him for many years. Tom enjoys getting them to recall and share moments of their life that help them to feel like their life mattered.  He is able to have both a light-hearted, sometimes humorous manner as well as moments where the person feels safe enough to go deep in talking about their death.

If you would like to learn more about, please contact Tom today.  


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