1:1 Movement & Meditation

In 1 on 1 conscious movement sessions, I support your body to extend its range of flexibility and motion in a deep, yet safe way.  Often this is supporting the head and neck, arms and legs to reach it’s next possible range of movement in a slow-flowing, rhythmic way.

Does your gut tell you that you could benefit by extending the range of freedom through movement? 

My goal is to create safe space to explore spaciousness in your physical body for better health, stronger self-esteem, and a deeper connection to your spirituality.

Does your day-to-day routine keep your body moving in the same set motions?  

Through deep breathing, supported extensions, fascia and connective tissue massage…you will have the capacity to have deep, meaningful relationships, more and more possibilities opening in your career, and an overall deeper connection to your higher Self. 

“I want you to wake up each morning and go to sleep each night feeling like you love your life.”

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