The good news is, no matter how long or how out of touch we are with our body, it is always waiting for us when we return.

I offer a few different services that support individuals on creating more connection and vision in life.

  • Life Visioning – I support people who are looking to change an area that is either stuck or stagnant to manifest a more ideal way of life.

  • Yoga & Meditation – Moving the body and sitting with the present moment through meditation are powerful ways to enhance your self awareness and sense of connection to your everyday life.

  • CranioSacral Therapy from a Biodynamic approach – A light touch therapy that senses the bodies fluids and tensions.  It serves as a mirror for individuals to see what they are holding onto in their body from past or present and a doorway into living as an embodied, fully integrated (Mind, Body, Spirit) human being.

    • I work with all age populations, however my niche is senior citizens.

Over the last year since I started working with Tom, I’ve made several life-changing decisions –quit my job of 7 years, changed major friendships, met my ideal partner and got married, sold my condo in a “bad market” and lived in Brazil for 6 month’s to explore the world. Just to name a few!

My journey started when I enrolled in one of Tom’s workshops, not consciously seeking a life coach, but when the option to work with Tom one-on-one was presented I knew from the moment I met him that I could open up and trust him.

Through the sessions, I’ve regained confidence in myself and built a relationship with my inner self on a much deeper level. I’ve discovered myself both spiritually and emotionally in new ways and I now know that I am creating a life full of abundance.

Lisa V.


In our sessions, Tom held a safe environment where together I was able to pin point my limiting beliefs and uncover old habits to help me feel more in the flow of the life I feel called to. By gaining awareness of the beliefs that did not serve me, I was able to replace these false beliefs with the truths of my being. It is this realignment with my truth that has brought abundant happiness and peace into my everyday life. I’m truly a changed person!

Beyond his loving presence and words of wisdom is a spirit not afraid of sharing exactly who he is — you can feel his genuine love and peaceful presence.

Jonathan H.

Marketing Management

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